It's the night of the formal...  the most fun and defining event of your young lives!  

You've worked for months planning the perfect night...


the gorgeous gown

hair + makeup
the sexy car
best friends + bae


It's so much more than just your last year of high school.   


It is also typically your last year with the friends you grew up with, your last year at home before you start adulting. 



Make it THE moment, THE experience you will always remember.  









"The best part was how Carly directed the shoot in a very smooth way and went with her eye and creativity in the shoot, we loved that she wasn't strict yet still very professional.  The experience was wonderful and so fun, I am so happy with my decision to get a professional photographer to shoot the special event and capture memories to last a lifetime. The photos were stunning and capture the chemistry between my boyfriend and I

Jade  |  Peace Lutheran College |  Class of 2019

"Senior year was full of special moments, but the one that meant the most to me was Formal - one of the last times I got to be with all the friends I grew  up with...  seeing everyone looking so beautiful was so special and with big thanks to Carly, it is something that I will never forget as I will always have a collection of beautiful photos to look back on and remember that special night and just how amazing it was!"

Tegan   |  Cairns State High School  |  Class of 2018

""The shoot was absolutely amazing!  It was so fun and light-hearted which made me feel really comfortable.  The best part was when Carly was telling me to do those typical straight-face teenager poses, I found that really funny beacuse it's so true!  I would definiately recommend Carly for formals!"

Bethany  |  Kuranda State High School  |  Class of 2017

"We loved the session!  Perfect amount of time.  Perfect shots.  Loved how relaxed Carly made everyone fell.  I absolutely recommend getting professional photography to capture the moments.  There is so much going on around you on the day, it's nice to have someone whose sole purpose is to get great shots".

Wendy (Martin's Mum)   |  St Mary's College  |  Class of 2017

"I really enjoyed my session with Carly.  She was super friendly and made me comfortable.  The photos came out brilliantly, and I got a great selection of photos for only the short amount of time I had before the formal".

Sophia   |  Cairns State High School  |  Class of 2016

"It was great, quick and to the point - the best bit was watching her direct my partner how to stand and we ended up with "look swaggy" !  Professional photos really capture the moment - sure it's easy to just use your phone, but the quality is poor it's just not the same". 

Sam  | Redlynch State College  |  Class of 2015




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