To make a simple top pop, add a colourful and interesting necklace in complimentary colours. To add glam to an edgy look, pop on a super glitz collar or bib type necklace to instantly dress up the look.


Don’t be afraid to mix your metals starting with your necklace. If you mix shiny gold with brushed silver at your neck, you can mix your rings in the same finishes as well.


If you’re wanting to wear a deep neckline but are uncomfortable about the amount of skin shown, throw on a beautiful statement necklace to bridge the gap a bit.



If you have opted for a statement necklace, go with simpler earrings.


Hoops are always a great option for earrings. But remember that the larger the hoop, the more the style lends itself to an urban look.


Earrings can actually have a lot to do with your face shape.


Long earrings can elongate a rounder face while oval earrings can accentuate an oval face. Bone structure also has a lot to do with the look of earrings on your face. Try and match your earrings to your bone structure.

For example, smaller features pair great with dainty earrings, whereas larger bone structures can usually carry heavier earrings.


Again, if you have opted for a statement necklace, go with thinner bracelets as not to take too much attention away from your face and outfit.


Unless you’re going for the gypsy look, remember that less is more when it comes to bracelets. Stacking on too many can create the pirate effect.


Chunky bracelets can actually cut the arm off, visually. If you are wanting to elongate your arms and/or make them look thinner, think about wearing dainty chained bracelets.


The material of your bracelet can accentuate your outfit.

Meaning, if you are showcasing a casual style with ripped denim, you can usually go with stacked threaded or leather bracelets. For more upscale looks, load on the metallics!



Heavier rings should be worn at the base of your fingers

while thinner bands should be worn closer to the top, above the knuckle when stacking rings.



Another great way to stack rings in a more feminine manner is to only stack tiny, dainty, and thin rings on top of each other to create the look of a single piece.


Try not to be too matchy-matchy when it comes to your hat. If you match your hat with the rest of your outfit, that can mean one color from head to toe, and that is too much for the eye to take in.


Make sure that your hat fits your head and isn’t too large or tall. A hat that it too tall for your head can make your head look much bigger than it is, and a hat that is too large, can come down too low on your forehead causing dark shadows above your eyes.


If your outfit already has several pieces, patterns and colours to it, think about NOT opting for a hat. It can add even more to an already busy look.


Experiment with hat shapes other than the floppy hat. Try beanies, newsboys, fedoras, snap-backs and berets to accentuate your outfit




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