One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the thing you’ve always wanted.
Do it now.
— Paul Coelho - Author

When I tried to read The Alchemist, I didn't quite get it. I was 15 years old, and in that teen zone.  But after going through the past 12 months wondering what I want from life and how I was going to achieve it, the words came back to me.  Do it.  Follow your dream and do something you've always wanted!  

It's been a bit of a whirlwind couple of months, but after a lot of procrastination and soul-searching, I am finally at a point where I am comfortable to shout it to the world!    

However, before I head into the next chapter of my journey, let's head back to where it all started....

Flash back to 1998 - the year when I left the peace and comfort of home, and headed off on what would be a trip of a lifetime and the start of my photographic journey. 

While travelling for 5 years, I decided to purchase my first DSLR - a Nikon D3000.  I got the kit lenses and off I went.  I travelled through the most amazing places.  The UK, Europe and the Middle East through to Africa.  I have the most treasured memories all in print.  We trekked up Mount Sinai, dealt chickens in Luxor, bartered for rugs in Istanbul, dived deep at the Blue Hole, floated in the Dead Sea, and almost got kidnapped in Jordan.  Yes, it was certainly a trip of a lifetime.

In 2003, the first of our three beautiful children was born. Throughout the years, our house filled with laughter and fun.  I couldn't put the camera down!  I actually have footage about an hour long at a time, just propped up against a chair, filming our every move.  And the photos!  I took too many!

In 2012, my husband mentioned to me that I should get into the business of photography.  Yes, I had always had an eye for it, and enjoyed the creative process.  And those who know me would say I am a sociable person, love to chat and am a bit crazy - so it made perfect sense!   

This past year has been such an incredible year.  There have been so many changes within the last few months.  When I started photography 3 years ago, I would have never thought that I would be where I am today - creating work that I’m proud of, and finally gaining the confidence to take my photographic journey to another level.  

I hope you enjoy following me on the continuation of my journey.  I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2016! 

Carly xoxo