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Hot 100 Winner 2016











So, this time last year, I won a sought-after spot in the Hot 100 Competition in USA.  An image of Gracyn got into the Top 10 images of the Editorial category.  But wait for it........... 

THIS YEAR -  I received positions in the categories of Styled, Studio AND Photographers Choice!! Awarding me Hot 100 ICON Recipient!! There were over 8,300 images submitted and THREE of mine got picked!! I am so over the moon right now!

Bit of a backstory: The Hot100 Competition is THE list of High School Senior Photographers across the States. It's the list you want to be on if you are Senior Photographer - this is HUGE over there, and was the reason I travelled there a year ago. The heartbeat of my business is photographing and mentoring teens and showing them how beautiful they are right now.  I know I would have loved a custom photoshoot when I was a teenager!  

The winning images will be printed in the ultimate industry magazine for senior photographers.  This magazine is our guide to what is HOT and trending in our industry.  The issue will be released November 15th - and thats when I'll find out which images were selected.  Look out for the blog post! 

The images I have so many thank you's!  To Vicki Black - owner of Senior Style Guide;  Judges Devon, Thomas and True; Mentors Teri Fode and Holli True, to my beautiful girls who have been on front of my camera, and to everyone who I have met on my photographic journey.   Things are really heating up for Carly K Photography!  

Want to get in on the fun!?  Keep an eye out for an exciting program I am designing just for teens of Cairns!  I can't say too much just yet, but it's going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!  Subscribe below to get the details when they are released! 

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