Julia Rose headed to Cairns recently and along with Liza Formilan, we did our thang!  And this time was extra special as it was the first shoot in my Cairns studio! Shooting primarily on-location, I was so excited to try out my natural light studio. We invited some local indigenous designers to provide the clothing and styling for this shoot.  I love a collaboration, and especially ones that benefit local artists.   The television news crew arrived to cover the collaboration and we got cosy (we fit 12 people in my little studio, with cameras, lights, flowers, clothing etc).  It was an exciting day to say the least!

The Regional Indigenous Fashion and Textiles Show (RIFTS) hosted by the Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation has been an annual event since 2012 providing opportunities to local Indigenous artists, fashion designers and models in the fashion and textiles industry. The event will be held on the Friday 2nd June 2017. Tickets will be available via TicketLink.

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